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3 definitions by Mr. Sexy101.5

Like A wangster but tries to be a beanor instead
Damn that andrew kid is a weanor!
de Mr. Sexy101.5 20 août 2007
1 2
When someone is drinking pepsi and they burp and it stinks like pepsi realllll bad
"my mom did a pepsi burp in the car and i was pissed"
de Mr. Sexy101.5 20 août 2007
4 5
Tiny underwear that are almost nonexistent.
see thong
or g string
usually worn by overweight women who have no right to be seen in it
also a common cause of blindness
whoa! maurices sells MAJOR nunderwear
I needed a magnifying glass to try it on!
de Mr. Sexy101.5 20 août 2007
2 38