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3 definitions by Mo'$

Partying hard like there's no tomorrow.
We gotst crunked up last was off tha hook!
de Mo'$ 13 avril 2005
A strong essence of the gangsta lifestyle.
A simple urban fellow might say, "Sheeeet dawg, tha tinted windows on dat H2 look thugged out fo' sheazy!"
de Mo'$ 28 janvier 2006
Funnily enough, it means something has a lot of chrome on it, not silver-coloured or platinum! The instance in which it is most frequently used is when one refers to a thugged out car's rims as being "chromed out" due to their chrome composition.
Shit boi, dat Escalade be rollin' on some fine-ass chromed out 26s!
de Mo'$ 13 avril 2005