17 definitions by MC Boonge

extra tight loons which cling to the skin.
wow!! she has amazing scoobas.
de MC Boonge 13 août 2003
abrieviation of hobo. a homeless person
'there are too many hobes in this town'
de MC Boonge 13 août 2003
a wannabe geezer. someone who goes to all lengths to impress their geezerfied homies.
'your ugly sister is a geezer pleaser. its bad enough her being so ugly.'
de MC Boonge 13 août 2003
the style in which a graffiti writer presents his/her handwriting.
'that guys handstyle was wak'
de MC Boonge 13 août 2003
a large piece of graffiti done in block lettering, usually lacking style.
'I did a block buster on your ugly grandmas garage'
de MC Boonge 13 août 2003
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