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4 definitions by Lord Forrest

to ace an exam you didn't prepare for.
dude, i winged that pathophysiology exam.
de Lord Forrest 1 mars 2006
asian "gentleman's" club.

a pseudo japo badabing.
Yo let's go to the teahouse on wednesday!
de Lord Forrest 23 février 2006
a dude w/ no future but thinks he does.
"he's a business major yet he's not ivy, he's gonna get owned in the corporate world. dude, he's a lowlife."
de Lord Forrest 21 février 2006
the milder version of a playboy, who professes love to many & commits to no one. usu more pretty than rich.
windboy. it's a girl's worry.
hey, i drink because of you.
de Lord Forrest 1 mars 2006