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An institution within nations that allows for the brainwashing of today's youth.

A prison setup by government officials to lock-up and force children under the legal age of ownership and self-counsel to stay so that they may be brainwashed and forced to live out a hell when they could be having fun.

A centeralized place of shitty education that is unlike a tradeschool where you learn things that you will never again use in life.

A social gathering of idiots who must be there to cause havoc upon the educated minds who wish not to be there.
See Also: Mental institution

A place where you waste a lot of time learning things when you'll just repeat them at an University or Community College.
I wasted most of my life in school so I decided to go to an alternative and graduate early so I wouldn't have to put up with the idiotic, brainwashed, fools of today's American society. I am now learning a trade making more than people who graduate college.
de Kamisama 4 mai 2005
Becoming aware of the collective substructure of life and society leading to deeper liberation than is commonly thought possible.
You have to let it all go Neo. Government, fads, bullshit: Free your mind. It's called Anarcho-communism, it's the only way to fly.
de Kamisama 7 septembre 2005
A person who is an expert at his or her field of study.
Professors do not have a degree in education or teaching.
Matter of fact, I don't know why the silly bastards are allowed to teach without a degree in education.
Want to know why Professors suck at grading? Because they were never taught how to grade...They were not taught how to teach.
de Kamisama 28 février 2006
Black magic is an ancient art of magic that dates back to the dawn of mankind's questional ability to psychic powers and domination of others through incantation.

Black magic's main use is to hurt others that the sorcerer deems unworthy, inhuman, and in need of pain through psychic visualisation and realisation of Universal law and movement along with group incantation.

It can found to be used without incantation. Incantation was a form used by people in group settings so that magic could multiply among its users.

When one uses black magic the pain brought back to the caster of the spell uses inflicts damage that is twice as worse upon themselves.

This is why a dark wizard must be a very very very cold hearted bastard and not care about anyone or anything around them, even their own life.
My mom lost her job after I cursed a female I hated. Funny enough, Nikki lost her job too.
de Kamisama 22 mai 2005
An anime otaku couple. A couple which includes two lovers, who love each other and yet share the same interest of anime just as great as the other.
I watched an anime movie once where the antagonist tried to shut down an Anime group. The guy's girlfriend who hated anime helped support his club so he could be happy. She eventually got the club to win but the antagonist called the lovers an otaple because they were an anime otaku couple.
de Kamisama 20 mai 2005
The most bad ass mother fuckers who are trained in the U.S. Military right next to the Delta force.

These guys actually seem to threaten who I am unlike a regular cop on the street.

Some are cold bastards with no emotion and the ability to destroy people in massive amounts.

These men can pick locks, blow shit up, kill tons of people, and run a ton of miles for days on end.
If America was full of 18A Special Forces officers: Iraq would have had emp bombs blow out their electronics which kill 70% of troops. Dirty bombs killing people with radiation. Along with Specials killing people left and right with their bare hands. Iraq would have been won by now.
de Kamisama 20 août 2005
The three greatest women rappers that ever existed. These women came out of the blue in the 1980s and rocked America with songs out of sight. They showed the music industry that women too, can bust a beat. They made many men their bitches.

One of their most popular songs is Push It. When put in front of almost any audience from age 13+ anyone can identify who they are.
Ooh baby baby, ooh baby baby. *breakdances*
de Kamisama 2 juin 2005

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