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An idiotic form of discrimination, which targets those who identify as both black and female. A common practice of anti-black woman racism is to exclude black females from social and cultural activities, such as parties, clubs, reality television, lead movie roles and marriage. Stereotypes, such as the angry black woman and baby mama are used to spread anti-black woman racism to the masses.

Unlike regular racism anti-black woman racism is a form of racialized sexism, which is specifically targeted at black females of all ages and backgrounds.
Laromana, did you watch Lad Diecinueve's reality show last night, he sent five women home just because they were black women, that's some anti-black woman racism right there.
de Juneteenth88 7 janvier 2011
A loving term, which describes a beautiful black woman whose ethnic make up is mostly african. She is not of biracial ancestry. She often has luscious chocolate skin, beautiful kinky-afro hair, full lips and a lovely figure. The term was coined on a forum by Dawn Ali. The term was originated in order to dispel the myth that a black woman must be mixed with non-african blood in order to be beautiful. It was also created to expand the definition of black beauty to include the wide range of skin colors and hair textures of black women.
I was browsing on Dawn Ali's forum the other day and I saw a beautiful picture of a black-black woman, she had chocolate skin, full lips, a gorgeous afro and a great smile. She is the most beautiful woman I've seen.
de Juneteenth88 20 janvier 2011
Creator of a forum that is designed to help black women overcome myths, stereotypes and negative experiences. She also gives advice on hair care and beauty.
I have been spending time on Dawn Ali's forum all day, its great.
de Juneteenth88 7 janvier 2011
A magical preference entails a man of any race who one day just wakes up and "magically," doesn't like black women.

The man with the magical preference has a preference for any and every woman on the planet, as long as she's not a black female. Even if the man sees an attractive black woman, he will "magically" prefer a less attractive woman of another race.
Sometimes, the man with the "magical preference," is so brainwashed by anti-black woman racism that he truly believes his preference is perfectly natural.
I was looking at Walter's dating profile and it says he prefers latina, indian, white, middle eastern, asian,native american, mixed and every race, except for black women, I guess he's got a magical preference.
de Juneteenth88 5 mars 2011
People with facial features that are rounder have "warm features." The person with "warm facial features" usually has a rounder nose, full lips and high cheek bones. The use of the term warm features comes from the fact that these features supposedly originate in warmer climates. Anyone can have "warm features," but they are most often associated with people of west african descent. However africans all across africa can have warm features and people around the world can also have warm features. The term originated on a forum by Dawn Ali. The term also originated to demonstrate that there is beauty in all features across the world and no look is superior to another.
Genevieve Nnaji is a beautiful nigerian actress with warm features and kinky hair.
de Juneteenth88 14 mars 2011
A male of any race who has a fetish for black females. He usually claims to love black women unconditionally, yet he shows no regard for the feelings of the black females he is involved with. He tends to have trouble committing to any one particular black woman. He tends to group all black females together, has trouble seeing them as individuals and is prone to cheating on one black female with another black female.
Jake is such a black woman collector, he has dated four black women in the last three weeks and has not committed to a single one of them.
de Juneteenth88 10 décembre 2010
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