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A sub genre of Indie Rock that includes music that is lighter and less depressing than most indie rock. Typically music you can jump or bob your head to, it is the opposite side of indie than emo. Because of its first-listen appeal, this is the music that your commercial radio listening friends end up buying after they have heard it in your car a couple of times.
Postal Service, Kings of Convenience, Belle and Sebastian, Beta Band, Doves, Polyphonic Spree
de jtjennings 5 avril 2005
Music influenced both by classic country artists such as Johnny Cash, Gram Parsons, Hank Williams and Woody Guthrie as well as classic alternative or punk bands such as Nirvana, The Clash and The Sex Pistols. This genre was basically founded by two bands, Uncle Tupelo and Whiskeytown in the late 80's and early 90's. Wilco, which grew out of Uncle Tupelo, and Ryan Adams, the lead singer of Whiskeytown, have brought this genre to the fringes of the mainstream.
Frat boy: So Dude, what kind of music do you like?
You: Right now i'm listening to a lot of alt country.
Frat Boy: I hate that travis trit shit!
You: no dumb ass, I said ALT country, like Wilco or uncle tupelo.
Frat Boy: oh, i heard them the other day, they were wicked cool.
de jtjennings 7 avril 2005
Simply put, a dirtster is a hipster who's just dirty. Hipsters are carefully put together as to look like they just woke up and suddenly looked this cool. Dirtsters are subtly different. They did just wake up and, unlike the hipster, just put on their only pair of pants.

They are known for drinking cheap beer, smoking cigarettes that have already been half smoked, dumpster diving, asking "are you going to eat that?", and smelling just a bit funky. In a dimly lit, well ventilated environment, the hipster and the dirtster are almost impossible to differentiate. Careful attention to behavior, however, will revile their true identity.
If you are a bartender:

The Hipster orders a local micro-brew. A dirtster orders Lionshead, PBR or whatever is the cheapest beer.

If you are dating one:

Hipster has an iPhone, a small garden in the back of their studio, listens to NPR and buys you vinyl and vintage clothing.

Dirtster has an old iPod they 'found', lives with at least 5 other people, and buys you items from salvation army stores.
de jtjennings 13 mai 2011
When you pronounce foreign words in their original accent. Named for how Alex Trabek pronounces words on Jeopardy.

As defined by Jimmy Fallon.
"I love how you are always Trebeking all of those Italian words."

Mike Birbiglia's bit about how to pronounce La Quinta Inn.

Or how Giada De Laurentiis pronounces spaghetti.
de JtJennings 24 septembre 2011
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