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Affectionate term for a friend, compadre.
Man 1: Aliright bo.

Man 2: yo holmes, tisra safe.
de JimBob MacGregor 14 juin 2003
Describes an act of foolhardiness, a way of life or simply acts to fill stop-start conversations.
Man 1 :The weathers lovely.

Man 2: Crazee!
de JimBob MacGregor 14 juin 2003
An affectionate term for the butocks, bottom, gluteus maximus, seat, posteior etc.
Man 1: Yo holmes look at the rump steak on hat luhanna.
Man 2: Lea, G!
Man 1: tisra!!!
de JimBob MacGregor 14 juin 2003
A south african brand of brandy. 70% alcoholic.
Subject of derision for wine drinkers everywhhhhere. Is often associated with crazee and tisra
Man 1: Manpur is crazee.
Man 2: Tisra.
de JimBob MacGregor 14 juin 2003
Quibbling over a minor point.
Arguing over an unimportant point
Man 1: That blue paint is aqua not royal.
Man 2: yo holmes, you be trippin on egg shells.
de JimBob MacGregor 14 juin 2003
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