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5 definitions by Jeff Murray

to smoke marijuana.
Yo, you tryin to hit that ach!?
de Jeff Murray 5 mai 2005
6 5
to eat then smoke marijuana, or the other way around.
Yo, you tryin to mach and ach?
de Jeff Murray 5 mai 2005
0 0
Princess, Ratface, Mongoloid... Andrew R.
Andrew was a ratface bastard. (correction) Andrew is a ratface bastard... ach.
de Jeff Murray 3 mai 2005
23 26
the vain on this dick.
Yo' grrrl... did you talk to devain today?

Devain who?

Devain on this dick bitch.
de Jeff Murray 5 mai 2005
6 12
Annashrew what does she do? Princess pussy lips ratface bastard kitty mew mew.
Annashrew was a ratface bastard... (correction) Annashrew is a ratface bastard. ach.
de Jeff Murray 5 mai 2005
2 11