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The unwanted spray from the urine hitting the rim of the toilet seat and going on your bare feet or legs during a late night night pee..
'Lad, had horrid night plash last night, got up at 3 this morning for a pee in my boxers, ended up having all over my thight'

'shocker mate, worst feeling, makes ur blood boil...night splash...wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy'
#near miss #close call #night rage #bouncer #bad dart #poor shot
de Gorillamonsoon 12345 8 mai 2009
A condition resulting in a vast amount of excess forskin collecting at the tip of a gentelman's penis...may smell as a consequence of the cheesey deposit found under the skin
'put it away gangster!-u got The pipers Beak bad!'

'Sorry lad...does it stink?'

'Lets av a wiff......na, ur good!'
#nob #willy #extra skin #wonker #exra piece
de Gorillamonsoon 12345 8 mai 2009
The Dalai Lama is the ultimate turd...occurs when you are most desperate...The Dalai Lama requires an individual to sit on the toilet seat for a minimum of 10 secs before releasing
'any of you ever squeezed out The Dalai Lama?'

#relax #ultimate #special #greaceful #appreciated
de Gorillamonsoon 12345 8 mai 2009
Simply a 6th toe on an idividuals right or left foot
'Whats that?'
'Thats my mutant toe buddy'
'...it absolutly reeks pal, its kicking out a right pong!'
#foot #toes #extra toe #unwante toe #another piece
de Gorillamonsoon 12345 8 mai 2009
The burning, stinging sensation arising from the stetching of a man's scrotum..The tight,'brain like' strotum normally results from long periods of swimming in the ocean.. may also contain sand in skin folds
'Pal, my scrot was so tight in the shower after my morning swim'
'Did u suffer the baxter effect?'
'Na bra, learnd my lesson the first time..never again'
#tight sac #danger pull #the blindpull #the brains revenge #male pouch
de Gorillamonsoon 12345 8 mai 2009
The felling a man can experience post ejaculation..that lonely, digusted in yourself felling..short lived by unenjoyable
'Mate had the worst wanker's remorce last night..had a long jerk session, only to finish felling like i should'nt have!

'chin up pal, happens to the best of us'
#jerk effect #unhappy squeez #saluting the general #poor play #bad light called off play
de Gorillamonsoon 12345 8 mai 2009
The Devils Nectar is more commonly known as NO XPLODE... a pre-workout formula that is as potent as it is addictive..for best effect it must be taken for four weeks and then left for four weeks..looking to maximise pump and focus
'Silence echoed in my room, nothing matters, on-one matters, just the nectar. The sirens call of the devils nectar is too much for a mortal to resist. 3 scoops later, i am ashamed....shame is temporary , the pump lasts forever...'
#pump #lift somethin heavy #crushing mediocracy #the smash #the battle #man versus iron
de Gorillamonsoon 12345 8 mai 2009
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