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Primitive psycological protection ladies often put in an attempt to ward of those they consider creeps and/or misfits. Can usually be broken down by refusing to acknowledge the actual relevance of a bitch shield, hence making the imaginary self-defense device irrelevant.
This lady had her bitch shield up at the dinner party, by teasing her about its usefullness I broke through it and won her trust.
de Emmanuel left a Definition 15 octobre 2006
Very popular Illegal Street racing group in Japanese Sub culture, consisted of truly elite racers not ricers. Entry into the club required a car with a minimum speed of 155 mph as race speeds often exceeded 215mph. Apprenticeship for 1 year was mandatory before becoming a full member. Safety was highy stressed in the Mid Night Club, drivers who showed recklessness and posed a danger would have their membership revoked. Races were carried out on the Bayshore Route of the Shuto Expressway between Tokyo and Yokohama. Quality of the drivers made it nearly impossible to be caught by police.
Membership cars were often very heavily modified, producing up to 600 BHP. As club policy inquiry into how its racers could easily afford such high priced modifications was prohibited.
The group permanently disbanded in 1999, when a fatal accident occured while racing a group of bikers. Several were hospitalised and a person was killed. As club policy, if such a thing happened they would end the club forever.
The Rockstar racing series Midnight Club is based on these actual racers, the two Kanji letters in Midnight Club translate to Wangan, meaning Bayshore, the route raced by the drivers.
Hit up Wikipedia for info about Mid Night Club
de Emmanuel left a Definition 14 octobre 2006
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