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3 definitions by D_style

Any sucka that takes a ho'ish woman and trys to change her life around. Trys to turn a ho into a housewife.
Man what's up with that nigga falling in love with that same bitch we ran train on? He aint nothing but a Captain save a ho.
de D_style 29 novembre 2006
343 88
Seagrams Extra Dry Gin..... called bumpy for its bumpy exterior texture.
Me and lil hardknock got fucked up last night off that bumpy and orange juice.
de D_style 27 novembre 2006
18 18
an uncircumcised penis
Did you see that porn stars uncircumcised dick? That shit looked like a pig in the blanket.
de D_style 29 novembre 2006
18 35