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7 definitions by CrowFace

Unintentional death on account of choking on gonads.
Cause of death: Testicular Manslaughter
de CrowFace 7 octobre 2006
47 14
Igniting one's pubic hair whilst receiving fellatio.
I told that asshole I'm up for a flaming snorkel... not singed eyebrows.
de CrowFace 7 octobre 2006
6 2
When a man ejaculates in a woman's hair and brushes it out so that it resembles a stiff, sappy pine tree.
That fucker gave me a sticky pine tree!!!!
de CrowFace 7 octobre 2006
8 5
Congressional sexual speak via IM
Vote Dirty Foley for congress!
de CrowFace 7 octobre 2006
7 5
Fornication in the ear, nose, or eye socket
No intercourse? How 'bout some Frank-In-Sense
de CrowFace 7 octobre 2006
3 1
The act of resting the masculine unit on the head of a woman so that the penis lays upon the forehead and nose, resembling a jeweled tiara.
I would love a Dangling Tiara right now.
de CrowFace 7 octobre 2006
6 9
Post ejacualatory urine stream that tends to miss its target.
Damn you and your spitting cobra. Get out of my house!
de Crowface 20 octobre 2006
14 27