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49 definitions by Cole

adjective; Used to describe something positive
Have a Cuntiful day
de Cole 9 novembre 2003
6 3
someone with redhair and a fucking huge firebush hence the name: FIBU
molly o'brien was walking down the street when cole said "damn ima get me some fibu tonight"
de cole 25 mars 2005
8 6
A cluster of angry rabid gothic apes
Ryan Debrigard
de cole 7 mai 2004
2 0
adj: To describe a situation of a non-heterosexual nature.
You've cockblocked me twice tonight! I've had enough of this tomtoolery!
de Cole 13 septembre 2004
1 1
White person's reinvented definition of "home slice". Derived from their unfailing love for white bread, preferrably the "Wonder" variety.
Hello all of my homely-gees! What is up, bread slice? How are you doing this fine day, my brother?
de Cole 17 janvier 2004
4 4
the Center or everything
i am gonna make my way to the core of the house
de Cole 16 août 2003
3 3
a person or place or thing that is great
You are a Savage miser.
de Cole 20 janvier 2003
4 4