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A song by Eminem off of The Marshall Mathers LP about a man who loves Eminem and his music to the point of insanity. The fan, whose name is Stan, meets Eminem at a show and then begins to write him letters. The letters get progresivly stranger. After a long time with no responce from Eminem, Stan puts his girlfriend in the trunk of his car and drives to a bridge. Stan tells Eminem all about what and why he is doing this from a tape recorder in his car. Stan then drives the car over the bridge, presumably killing himself and his girlfriend who was pregnant with his kid. The song ends with Eminem writing a letter to Stan right after his death. But Eminem then realizes that the man he has heard about on the news who drove his car over a bridge is the guy who has been writing him letters. In other words if Eminem had wrote the letter a week earlier Stan would have remained alive. Famous because it used the baseline and vocals from Dido's famous song "Thank You". Very powerful song.
" Have you heard in the news they're blaming some crazy guy killing someone because he listened to and was influenced by that song Stan?

"Of course, they always do that"
Dear Stan, I meant to write you sooner but I just been busy...

Stan is a depressing song.
#eminem #the marshall mathers lp #dear stan #slim #trunk
de Anternam 31 janvier 2006
Instead of a standard ringer, or a ringer of a song, moan tones cause a cell phone to make deep, ecstatic moaning noises, as one makes when one has an orgasm, when one recives a call. Popularised by adult film star Jenna Jameson.

(ohh! unhh! yea!) Thats my moan tones, hold on.
#moan tone #orgasm #jenna jameson #ringer #ringtone
de Anternam 25 mars 2006
A sly and polite way to say "head." Derived from the derby style of tophats. You put tophats on your head...thus, they become equated.
"Yo son I could go for some derby man."

"Hell yea let's go get some fez."
#head #brain #medulla #skull #face
de Anternam 10 juillet 2008
Ridiculously fresh, dope, sweet. Used in contexts of new music and fashions. Rarely used nowadays.
That chunky gold chain is stoopid!
#the shit #dope #sweet #ridiculous #fresh
de Anternam 31 mars 2006
A whigger is more or less a white person who dresses and acts according to the latest hip hop styles. Contrary to popular belief, a whigger is often a term of endearment/respect that a white person earns from a black person; not of disrespect or disgustment, (terms such as "Malibu's Most Wanted", "Whitey", "white boy", and "white bitch" apply here.) Obviously a contraction of white and nigger, (not "wannabe" and nigger.) Also, whiggers don't really walk around like fools saying "wuttup ganngggsta" and wearing wifebeaters and Phat Farm tracksuits, (Those are the Malibu's Most Wanteds) If the person happens to be Asian, "Chigger" is commonly used.
Referred to as a whigger by his Black friends, Dan was proud.

I'm scarred of you, whigger.
#oh-ohh oreo #malibu's most wanted #white person #black mind #black on the inside.
de Anternam 19 mars 2006
A white person who listens to, and has a genuine like of, hip hop, has numerous black friends, and is respected by black people. Contrary to popular belief, a whigger is often a term of endearment a white person earns from black people, not one of disrespect or disgustment, (terms such as Malibu's Most Wanted, whiteboy, and white bitch apply here.) Also, whiggers do not really walk around like fools saying "Wuttup gannnngggsta" and wearing Phat Farm tracksuits (those are the Malibu's Most Wanteds.) Obviously a combonation of 'white' and 'nigger', (not of wannabe and nigger.) If the person happens to be Asian, "Chigger" is often used.
Referred to as a whigger by his Black friends, Leon was proud.

#oh-oh oreo #black heart #black insides #homie of anotha color #white dude
de Anternam 25 mars 2006
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